I’m a digital marketer and content writer working at one of the top digital marketing agencies in Sydney, Australia. With a strong desire to share my knowledge and working practice of SEO and PPC, I like to contribute my expertise to blogs with helpful articles. I’ve written blog content for clients and also written heaps of guest posts for link building purposes as well as trying to get my name out there as a digital marketing expert.


Here’s some of my more recent writing samples:


Digital Marketing

  • Transparency and Honesty with Your SEO & PPC Clients
  • How to Use PPC to Support Your SEO Efforts
  • 5 Tips to Writing Effective Ad Copy for PPC
  • 5 Efficient Ways to Optimize Your Link Building
  • 5 SEO Tips to Never Forget
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs A Link Building Strategy https://sparro.com.au/5-reasons-why-your-company-needs-a-link-building-strategy/
  • BuzzStream – The Ultimate Link Building & Digital PR Platform https://www.edocr.com/v/vmr7kq02/rt-2/buzzstream-the-ultimate-link-building-amp-digital-pr-platform



  • Top 5 Questions to Ask a Career Counsellor https://www.careermetis.com/questions-to-ask-a-career-counsellor/
  • 10 Signs You’re Stuck in a Dead End Job https://careerhq.com.au/blog/2017/07/04/changing_careers_-_10_signs_youre_stuck_in_a_dead_end_job-61


This is my author bio:

Raymond Tang is a digital marketing specialist based in Sydney, Australia and has substantial interests in sharing his knowledge and insights in the digital marketing space. Working across SEO, PPC and content, he aims to improve the online presence of brands he works with, learning more every day and sharing tips with others in the field.

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