raymond tang portrait

As a guy in his 20s, I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life but I’ve got a bit of an idea of what I want to achieve career wise. I would like to eventually move into more strategic roles as an end-game once I’ve garnered enough skills and experiences to do so.

Right now I’m just trying to enjoy life and take it easy with things, working on side projects and having fun. I do take my work seriously at the same time and I am balancing that quite well.

Anyways, to the point – I am writing this so that I can grasp a clearer view of what has been happening in my career and where I want to be.


“Tell me about yourself”

My name is Raymond Tang. I am a digital marketer based in Sydney, Australia. Working across SEO, PPC and content, I aim to improve the online presence of brands I work with, learning more every day and sharing tips with others in the field.

Having graduated from the University of New South Wales majoring in marketing and information systems, I would describe myself as both creative and technical minded, with a love of finding solutions. In my role as an Online Marketing Specialist, I’d been primarily working around link building, content marketing and paid search. When I’m link building for clients, I like to think outside the box by noting down trends I see, completing keyword research and using analytical tools to find new opportunities for high quality inbound links. So many untapped opportunities are just waiting to be discovered. When I’m working on Adwords accounts, I like to find insights when doing the monthly report.

I like that the scope of digital marketing is quite broad; ranging from SEO, paid search, data analysis, multivariate testing, content marketing to web design. It is always an interesting day in the office because I’m always trying to do something different and innovative. I enjoy finding new and effective ways of doing things, and with the constant changes in the digital space there are always new ideas to explore and strategies to implement.

However, my move to the business & IT industry as a Marketing & Communications Coordinator is happening and I am going to discover a whole new world. I am excited to be able to use more of the analytics and design skills I have acquired over the years and being able to learn even more.


Let’s get the creativity going!